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Food supplement of alkylglycerols

The liver of fish living in the deep cold waters are rich in specific lipid compounds: alkylglycerols. Numerous publications show their properties immuno-stimulantes1-2.

Recommendations for use
2-4 capsules per day with meals.

Fish liver oil with a high concentration alkylglycérols (50%).
Capsule: Fish gelatin, glycerol.

Pot of 90 capsules.

1. Intestinal immune-potentiation was purified by alkylglycerols compound. Kantah M.K., H. Wakasugi, A. Kumari et al. Home> Vol 83, No 1 (2012).

2. Some Biological Actions of Alkylglycerols from Shark Liver Oil. Peter T. Pugliese et al. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Spring 1998, 4 (1): 87-99.



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