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The Budwig Cream

Budwig cream (for one person)
© B R I G I T T E F A V R E
• 4 teaspoons curd skinny or fat quark (cottage cheese, yogurt or soy sheep) (excluding binder or preserving agent), non-homogenized
• 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil / camel / nuts / wheat germ guarantee first cold pressing
• 1/2 lemon juice
• 2 teaspoons freshly ground grain. Alternately:
- Barley
- Oats (No bowel)
- Rice (constipated)
- Millet
- Buckwheat (constipated)

No wheat, rye or cereal mixture
• 1 teaspoon of seed oil. Alternately:
- Lin (Grind mandatory)
- Sesame (Grind mandatory)
- Almonds (Can be ground)
- Hazelnuts (Can be ground)
- Nuts (Can be ground)
- Gears (keep whole for chewing)
- Sunflower (keep whole for chewing)
- Squash (keep whole for chewing)
• 1 ripe banana, mashed or sliced ​​or grated apple
• 1 teaspoon honey or sugar full, seasonal fruit (ripe, non-acidic)

1. Beat the curd (cheese) and oil cream (very important for proper digestion).
2. Add cereals, oilseeds, honey or sugar cane full.
3. People who do not support the association cereals and fruits can eat fruit between meals. The banana is deacidifies. It can be added crushed or sliced​​, but should be eaten when the skin is mottled brown. The son must be removed, as well as black tip.

Note that:
Buckwheat is very soft to the intestine. For those of diarrhea, start Budwig cream buckwheat, grounded with almonds.
Then move the rice, then switch by inserting the five grains possibly buckwheat.

For people with constipation, start with oats, then insert the oats in all cereals. Possibly avoid rice and / or buckwheat in the first place.
Then change cereal and oilseed every day.

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