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Food problems specific to aging appear at varying ages and are much more pronounced after the age of 80 years.
Good nutrition, dispite the well-being it provides, has a role in preventing increasingly well known on age-related pathologies.

In the elderly, the appearance of certain physical problems is an obstacle to good nutrition:

• Poor oral health status leads to poor mastication where the onset of digestive disorders as well as the elimination of meat, bread, raw fruits and vegetables in the diet nutritional deficiencies and therefore a loss of energy and muscle

• changes in taste, salty ... becoming tasteless cause an attraction for sweet and therefore the risk of metabolic inbalances

• decreased sensation of thirst causes a decrease in water intake, thus slowing cellular dehydration with metabolic rate (fatigue, memory loss ...)

Proposed menu

Budwig cream
1 boiled egg or ERGYNUTRIL ® or ® VÉGÉNUTRIL
1 slice of bread with butter or hazelnut paste, or "galettes Claire *"

Seasonal veggies seasoned with extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed,
White or red meat, poultry or fish
1 Fruit Compote

Taste Square of dark chocolate with bread
Or 1 seasonal fruit
1 soy yogurt or fruit or nature
Or fresh goat cheese
Or 1 fruit tart house

Vegetable soup
Salad, green salad
Starchy foods (pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, peas, beans)
1 Fruit Compote

Drink at least 1 liter of mineral water per day.

* In a bowl, put 4-5 table spoons gluten-free flour (or soy flour, or buckwheat), add an egg, salt, and liquefy with rice milk (or soy). Cook in a pan like a pancake. This little cake can replace bread or pancakes for dinner.
Claire DESCHAINTRES: Nutrition Advisor NUTERGIA

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