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Seignalet Diet

This strict regime established by Dr. Jean Seignalet can be adopted by all people with chronic degenerative or inflammatory to improve overall health.
Prohibited Foods
• Wheat (wheat) and its derivatives: bread, pasta, pizza, meal, flour, croissants, cakes, biscuits, rusks
• Other grains: rye, barley, corn, oats ... except rice
• Milk animals and their derivatives: butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, ice cream (milk should be banned, even skim)
• White refined salt, refined oils (one commercial oil is obtained by cold pressed: olive oil)
• Refined white sugar, margarine, canned beer (contains barley)

Food deprecated
• All food cooked especially
• Cooked Meats (pâtés, sausages, ham, cooked sausage ...)
• Cooked meats, liver, kidney, brain, sweetbreads, tripe, boiled eggs, fish cooked very, sauces, oils, cooked, roasted peanuts, roasted pistachios

Limits of Foods
• Rice (preferably full), not more than three times per week (cooked cereal)
• Jam (cooked and too sweet)
• Dark chocolate (too sweet and cooked)

Foods to Consume
• Raw meats cooked or very little (blue)
• Raw Meats (ham, salami, sausage, salami, chorizo ​​...)
• raw eggs (organic if possible) or very lightly cooked (boiled, omelet runny)
• Raw fish or perhaps steamed
• Crustaceans, shellfish
• Green vegetables steamed, dried vegetables, vegetables
• Fresh fruits, raw nuts and oilseeds, honey
• Soybeans, Salt full, brown sugar complete
• Raw vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, soy, nuts etc ...)
• Only authorized virgin oils are first cold pressed, has not undergone any chemical manipulation (you can find these oils in establishments specializing in the sale of organic food). For salads, olive oil preferred.
• Always take every morning and every evening a tablespoon of sunflower oil and a tablespoon of walnut oil flood.
• All non-alcoholic beverages
• All alcoholic beverages (moderately) except beer

Should be preferred for any occasion raw foods to cooked foods.
For cooking remains a stopgap, it is best to steam fresh or stewed (see Modes of cooking).
However, if you want to use a fat, choose peanut oil.

Additional Recommendations
Meat, fish, vegetables and fruits should be of good quality and will be purchased from merchants trust. Try to obtain, if possible, organic foods, as well as animal plant, rather than the usual food.

Always carefully check the actual composition of foods. Thus, we can offer rice cakes that actually contain only 11% rice and 50% wheat.

Widely consumed chicory: this increases bile flow and promotes the elimination of certain animal waste.

Drink water frequently varied mineral that bring some trace elements: water Badoit, Vittel, Evian water ...

Proposal menu

Dark chocolate (not abuse)
1 seasonal fruit
1 fruit dry
1 cup of coffee, tea or chicory

1 crudity
One green vegetable
1 meat or 1 meat, raw eggs or 2 or 1 or 1 fish seafood
2 varieties of fruits

1 crudity
1 vegetable dry
One green vegetable
2 varieties of fruits

This is only a suggestion: many other menus are possible, provided they meet the requirements of the system.

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