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The intake of essential fatty acids in biologically active form is essential to provide more flexibility to maternal tissues and to ensure the proper development of the fetus; fatty acids series 3 (DHA and EPA) help in particular the development of the brain and retina. We can therefore advise to consume fatty fish (2 times per week) and alternate seasonings for rapeseed oil and virgin olive oil first cold pressed.
Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, including copper necessary for the absorption of iron. Completed if necessary by SUPRAMINÉRAL - mineral complex rich in iron - 1 to 2 doses per day-stopper in ½ glass of water, without food -

In addition, during fatigue, advise taking a complex of vitamins and minerals as ERGYNATAL - 2 capsules per day with meals.

To reduce the risk of stretch marks, use sweet almond oil, calendula and evening primrose (for fans of BIOLEINE (PRIMROSE-ERGY in the Benelux) and its quality can pierce the capsule with needle and massaging with oil).

After delivery:
During breastfeeding again take essential fatty acids EPA / DHA (ERGY3) to enable the optimum development of the child. It is often necessary to support the mother (vitality, hair ...) with a complex of vitamins and minerals: ERGYNATAL

Some foods are known acids as they are in taste but are acidifying than those already in a state of acidosis (yogurt, cheese, fruit not walls, red fruit , citrus, apricots, tomatoes, rhubarb, fruit juice, lemon juice, vinegar, honey ...).

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