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Milk Intolerance

Cow's milk has many disadvantages, for man milk and all its derivatives are strongly discouraged , that is to say, dairy products (yogurt, fermented milk, fresh cheese), butter, cheese, cream, ice ...

Contrary to widespread belief, the removal of dairy products does not result in calcium deficiency and this for two reasons:

• animal milk, especially cow's milk, are certainly very rich in calcium, but only a small fraction of it is absorbed by the human small intestine.

• Much is made ​​of calcium precipitated as insoluble calcium phosphate and excreted in the feces.

According to Dr. Jean Seignalet in his book " L’alimentation ou la troisième médecine" - Human Ecology Collection: Calcium is abundant in the soil and will be provided in ample quantity in vegetables, legumes, vegetables and fruits , mineral waters.

For people intolerant to cow's milk, you can replace it with vegetable milks: soy milk, rice, oats, quinoa, almonds or hazelnuts * (see the book by Lionel & Chantal CLERGEAUD "milks plants "- Paths Publishing)
* attention to allergies cross cow / milk / almonds, hazelnuts

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