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Methods of Cooking

The care given to improve the quality of food (organic, fresh produce ....) can be seriously compromised by the preparation, including cooking causing destruction and distortion of micronutrients (trace elements and minerals, vitamins ...).
Many authors have studied these cooking methods, since MAILLARD, SIMONETON VAN EGMONT-FLORIAN, KOUSMINE, Seignalet ...
Qualitative or quantitative data including the practice of sensitive crystals have shown the impact of these firings.

Biochemical consequences of cooking
If one refers to Jean Seignalet, cooking stirs the food molecules, form complex substances not found in nature and unacknowledged by our enzymes.

On enzymatic catalysts (trace elements and vitamins), plus the long cooking and high temperature, more destruction is important
50 ° C = destruction of part of the capital enzyme
60 ° C = destruction of vitamin C
100 ° C, precipitation of minerals, rendered non-assimilated
= 110 ° C destroys all the vitamins

Advice in Cooking methods :
- Gentle Steam Steam cooking is gentle, do not brutalize food and allows the preservation of their nutritional and organoleptic (soft, melting, crisp, color) and aromatic.
With this method of cooking, vitamins and minerals are better preserved.

- A stewed
It is a slow cooking is done at low temperature with the lid closed and requires no fat. The flavor of the cooked food is excellent, the cooking water is a juice rich in aromatic and mineral
The cooking has the advantage of retaining the mineral, vegetable taste and allows the food to be digested and assimilated.
Foods used for this method of cooking (fresh fruits and vegetables aqueous meat, fish) must necessarily be rich in water as they cook their own water content.

- Wok
This very broad conical stove top edges from China has many health benefits if you know how to use: cooking should always be in heat, food must be cut into small pieces and mixed with a spatula frequently wood to cook uniformly.
This cooking method requires almost no fat and sauté makes food bright lights because they cook faster: they thus retain maximum nutritional qualities.

Cooking methods (not recommended)

- Autoclave (pressure cooker)
Cooking in an autoclave promotes the production of compounds aggressive intestinal mucosa with increased number of white blood reagents.
Therefore, only raw or cooked foods without excess does not attack the body.
Start the meal with crudités delays the aggression of other cooked foods provided you do not use autoclave.

- Cooking with fats
Beyond a critical temperature, fats are toxic compounds (acrolein ...) carcinogens.

Butter 130 ° C,
Margarines 140 ° C
Sunflower oil, sesame, safflower 140-160 ° C
Olive oil and peanut
210 ° C
To cook, only to remember are olive oil, lard resistant to 210 ° C but it is super saturated.

- Grilling, barbecue, smoking
Formation of polycyclic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene, responsible for gastrointestinal cancers in the Baltic and in Japan where these cooking methods were widespread.
Consume with moderation ...

- Microwave
Close to the radar waves hyper frequency electromagnetic energy causes molecular agitation intense, where heating and cooking inside. Problem sealing microcracks promoting leakage of these waves with danger for vulnerable: pregnant women ...
Cooked food is a food and devitalized, highly modified structure, aggressive organization.
Food molecules are agitated 2.450 billion times a second.
Sensitive crystallization tests show a total disruption of the vital energy of the food.
Destruction of vitamins B and C, protein, lipid peroxidation in foods, but also formation of free radicals in the human body, following the rapid consumption of food cooked in the microwave.

  For more information ...
Experiment conducted by Professor Henri Joyeux on three groups of mice:
After different feeds, inoculation of cancer cells.

1st batch fed with cooked food in the microwave
Result: 100% of cancer

Second batch autoclave curing
Result: 50% of cancer

3rd batch steaming fresh or raw
Result: 0% cancer

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