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Question: Are there any natural solutions to reduce the common signs of menopause?

Answer: Many therapists have experienced our solutions based on various organic nutrition signs disorders.

a synergy of action:
• ERGY-YAM: Apply 1 to 2 hazelnut morning and evening on the inner arms and thighs, alternating with chest and abdomen. 3 weeks per month or the last 3 weeks of the cycle.
Yam, rich in diosgenin, chemically similar to progesterone, has a beneficial effect on the female hormonal balance. The use of phyto-emulsion allows optimum absorption and progressive destruction without digestive or hepatic overload.

• BIOLEINE (PRIMROSE-ERGY in the Benelux) alternating with SYNERBIOL: 2-4 capsules with meals.
Evening primrose oil, hydrating, nourishing and precursor of prostaglandins type 1 is rich in linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid.
In SYNERBIOL, the combination of borage oil and virgin oil of wild salmon provides additional cardiovascular protection.

• ERGYMAG: 2-4 capsules with meals -
ERGYMAG brings Magnesium and B vitamins involved in the reduction of fatigue. Magnesium also contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

NB: food sources of phytoestrogens are varied: * soy, chickpeas, legumes, red wine, whole grains, lettuce, corn, tea ...
We can therefore consider supplementing the diet with estrogen-like plant such as sage, only when proven estrogen deficiency (hot flashes persistent after 3 months of treatment Yam).

* ¼ liter of soy milk or tofu provide 70 g of 30 to 40 mg of genistein (phytoestrogen), an effective dose.

Seek advice from your therapist.

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