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First computer analysis to optimize your nutrition

1. Interest and originality of the approach IoMET ®
The program IoMET ® is the result of original research conducted by the Laboratory NUTERGIA, specialist Active Cellular Nutrition ®. The experience gained from hundreds of therapists in Nutritherapy and based on thousands of observations of patients, identified seven different biological fields related to the environment and eating habits. The predominant imbalance of one of the 7 sets the weakest bionutritional.

2. Determining personalized bionutritional profile
The tool IoMET ® is a complete and comprehensive survey, resulting in a histogram which transcribes the scope of each field disturbances.
Profile IoMET ® offers an overview of the risks of disruption of the balance of each. It allows a precise analysis of specific nutrient requirements (fatty acids, trace elements, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.). Related to lifestyle, dietary and nutritional inconsistencies.
The index IoMET ® provides a comprehensive assessment of environmental and bionutritional disorders, compared to all 7 sites.

3. Individualized bionutritional program
The profile analysis IoMET ® allows your therapist to offer:
- Tailored dietary advice
- A "cure" custom micronutrients according to your own needs.

IoMET ® program is based on two phases:
1 "phase of detoxification" important to eliminate cellular overloads and restore the cells capital function
2 "restructuring phase" which aims to boost cell metabolism.

Cells will be restructured again and regain their vital functions.

Innovative program to rebalance

IoMET ® Program benefits
. A proven methodology with a long experience in the field.
. A bionutritional review fast and innovative.
. A health care practitioner trained in the NCA to support you in your efforts.
. Synergy between advice and dietary supplements.
. A "cure" personalized with quality products from NUTERGIA.

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