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Gluten Intolerance

Celiac disease is an intolerance to gluten food causing malabsorption problems and sometimes malnutrition. The most common disorders are: diarrhea, weight loss, growth disorders, iron deficiency, bone disorders, muscular, neurological ...

The principle of the scheme is TOTAL exclusion of foods containing wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelled, kamut, triticale (hybrid synthetic wheat and rye). The toxicity of oats, once accepted, now seems reversed, this cereal is not recommended in the gluten-free diet by most specialists.

Table 1: Cereals and starchy allowed (YES) and unsuitable (NO) to the intolerant and allergic to gluten
 YES (gluten free)    NO (with gluten)
• millet
• amaranth
• arrowroot
• chestnuts and derivatives
• legumes: lentils, chickpeas, beans
• maize and derivatives (flour, meal, flakes)
• derivatives and cassava (tapioca)
• sweet potato
• Potato
• quinoa
• rice
• buckwheat
• soybeans and derivatives
• sorghum
• wheat
• rye
• barley malt
• oats
• triticale
• Spelt
• kamut

Proposed Menu
1 fruit half an hour before meals

Tea or coffee
1 boiled egg or a high protein intake with ERGYNUTRIL
Budwig cream or gluten-free bread or "patties Claire* "

Veggies (carrots, salad ...) with virgin olive oil first cold pressed (sunflower, rapeseed, walnut ...)
Meat or fish or eggs with vegetables and / or potatoes, rice
1 seasonal fruit compote
If need rice cakes or buckwheat or "patties Claire* "

Snack (17 hours)
One raw fruit season
1 tea
1 handful of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds ...)

Vegetable soup
Depending on appetite add a starchy allowed: chickpeas or lentils salad, rice ...
Fresh goat cheese or sheep (2 or 3 nights a week) with rice cakes or buckwheat or dairy soy
1 seasonal fruit compote

* In a bowl, put 4-5 tablespoons gluten-free flour (or soy flour, or buckwheat), add an egg, salt, and liquefy with rice milk (or soy). Cook in a pan like a pancake. This little cake can replace bread or pancakes for dinner.
Claire DESCHAINTRES: Nutrition Advisor NUTERGIA

Table 2: Foods that gluten intolerant can eat :
 YES    NO
• Cereals and starchy "yes" (see Table 1) and derivatives: cornstarch, potato starch.

• All foods containing animal protein in natural eggs, meat, fish, seafood

• All natural vegetables, whether fresh, frozen or canned.

• Pulses home cooked.

• The chips, french fries, mashed potatoes.

• Most simple accompaniments: salt, pepper, spices, herbs, capers, gherkins, homemade preserves all in the same spirit (food, vinegar, point).

• All single dairy (milk, cheese-spread-except, yogurt).

• All natural fruit or syrup, as well as preparations house (compote, stewed fruit).

• All fruit juices.

• Almonds, walnuts and chocolate ... in general (tablet).

• All simple sweet jam, honey, maple syrup, jellies.

• All desserts within this framework because you have total control over their production: rice milk, cream, ice.

• Tea, coffee, water, wine, cocoa milk (if it is pure cocoa departure, not a preparation Chocolate Milkshake).

• All specified products "gluten free" on the packaging.

• For children, meals and desserts specified "gluten free".
• All products cereal "no" (see Table 1): white flour or complete, bread, rusks, toasted bread, crispbread or polar, bread and spices, all pasta, couscous, semolina pudding, biscuits, pancakes, waffles

• All meals outside home (food industry, restaurant, catering) may contain propane (fish), sausage meat (mixed with bread), flour, corn syrup ...

• All commercially prepared vegetables: casseroles, fried, canned or mixtures radius expenses, including lenses.

• All sauces and accompaniments commercially prepared: mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, bouillon cubes, Viandox, tomato sauce or soy, celery salt, spice mix.

• Margarines, all dairy products other than those listed in the column "yes", including all preparations typical industrial desserts, puddings, chocolate bars, ice cream industry ...

• All confectionery (including chewing gum, but nougat, sugared almonds, marshmallow cream, brown, various bars, all sweets, fruit pastes.

• Vodka, beer, whiskey, spirits "complicated" (mixtures).

• drinks for breakfast malt or cocoa, ricorée.

• The infant flours classic desserts and unlabeled jars normal "gluten free".
Read the label!

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