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Balanced Day

Quality tea, chicory or tea with your choice or alternatively:
Budwig cream
Or rice with currants or vegetable rice milk (soy, oats ...) + seasonal fruit
Or soy yogurt ½ + 2 teaspoons freshly ground flour (rice, barley, millet, quinoa ...)
+ Currants + pumpkin seeds or sunflower oil (organic) + seasonal fruit.
Or 2 boiled eggs
Preparation or 1 ERGYNUTRIL ® / ® VEGENUTRIL + 1 fruit


Seasonal veggies.
Dressing: extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed + gomasio example. Steamed vegetables.
Whole Grains: Bread, cakes, cooked cereals ... In the summer, reduce their amount in the spring, think of germinated cereals.

Animal or vegetable proteins, rotate
- Meat - maximum 3 times a week. Prefer organic poultry, reduce consumption in spring and summer. Fish - 2 times a week at least, one which both fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel ...).
- Eggs - maximum 4-6 week. Boiled eggs for a better nutrient intake.
- Goat cheese or sheep - maximum 2 to 3 times a week. Reduce consumption in autumn and winter.
- Tofu (soybean) or legumes (lentils, quinoa, peas ...). Legumes are consumed mainly in autumn and winter, 3-4 times per week maximum.
If need sweet after a meal: cooked fruit, herbal cream, milk plant, fruit homemade pie ...
Eat raw fruit for breakfast, 10 H or 17 H, but not after a meal because the association raw fruit + protein causes fermentation, bloating, flatulence (at least 1 fruit per day ).


Generally reserved for children, adolescents, pregnant women.
Fresh or dried fruit + / - soy yogurt, nuts ...

Light meal taken early, without limiting meat rots and sleep disorders.
Appetite : vegetables + salad + cereal or vegetable soup or cereal salad ...

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