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Acid-Base Balance

physiological state, the organization has a regular treatment of acid it produces, to maintain a balance necessary for good health.
Our current diet, emphasizing animal protein and refined sugars, our lifestyle (sedentary lifestyle, stress ...) represent a massive and daily acids that our removal systems can no longer take care of, and promoting tissue acidosis demineralization.

- Acidification of the body The acidity promotes tissue fatigue, nervousness, susceptibility to infections, gastric acidity, dryness and irritation of the skin, hair and nails devitalized, cramps, bone and joint discomfort ...

- measure of acidity PH is a unit of measurement of acidity on the scale from 0 to 14, 7 indicates the balance between acids and bases, it is neutral.
The lower the pH is small (0-7), plus it is acidic pH the more, the more it is basic (7 to 14).
To assess acidosis, simply check the urine pH using litmus paper strips meet them 3 times a day (on the second morning urine, before lunch and before dinner) during 8-15 days.
If the values ​​obtained are consistently lower than 7, it reflects an overload of the body metabolic waste acids.

- How to relieve acidified ground?
1 - Correction power is essential because the acids are transported by it, in the first place, we must stop to penetrate acidifying foods in the body.

Acidifying foods are generators of acids found in particularly high-protein foods, which are staples of our diet, it is not possible to delete them but moderate consumption (20 g of protein per day is enough).
Alkalizing foods (fruits, vegetables ...) provide the basis for the neutralization of acidic (alkaline salts ...).
Some foods are known acids as they are in taste but are acidifying than those already with a land acid (yogurt, cheese, fruit not walls, red fruit, citrus fruits, apricots, tomatoes, rhubarb, fruit juice, lemon juice, vinegar, honey ...).

 Acidifying Foods    Alkalizing Foods    Balanced Food
• Meat
• Poultry
• The meat,
• The meat extracts,
• Fish,
• Seafood
• Eggs
• Strong cheeses
• The animal fats (lard, tallow)
• The refined vegetable oils, hardened fats
• Legumes
• Whole grains or refined
• White sugar
• Sweets (syrup, pastries, chocolate) ...
• sugary drinks industry
• The nuts except almonds
• Coffee, tea, cocoa, wine
• Potatoes
• Green vegetables raw or cooked
• The colorful vegetables except tomatoes, sorrel, rhubarb
• Vegetable juices and fruit
• Maize
• The liquid or milk powder, cottage cheese, cream, butter
• Bananas
• Almonds
• Chestnuts
• Dried fruits dates, raisins (except those which give a taste acidity (apples, apricots).
• Mineral water alkaline
• Drinks Almond
• Soy and its derivatives
• Herbs
• Fresh walnuts, green beans
• sweet peas
• Millet and derived
• Rye bread full
• Wheat germ
• Butter good quality fresh
• Sugar full

2 - lifestyle may lead acid or support field: sedentary lifestyle, insufficient sleep, heavy smokers ... the best way to remove acids is first of all to help the body get rid of introducing daily physical activity (walking, swimming ...)

3 - Taking mineral preparations (ERGYMAG) and some plants draining (ERGYDRAINE, ERGYPHYTUM) facilitate the evacuation acids housed in tissues over time, this cleaning leads to a deep tissue acidification.

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